What is Teaching Kids Programming and TKPJava?

  • TKP is volunteer programmers and teachers who write TKPJava courseware
  • TKPJava is/has…
    • a Java-based modernization of Logoinfluences list
    • designed for school teachers to use to teach kids ages 10-17 core computational thinking
    • over 80 lessons, arranged into topic areas (by course)
    • lessons which take from 30-60 minutes depending on the number and skill level of your students
    • is designed to be teacher-led, in classrooms with kids coding in pairs
    • materials which are FREE

How does a teacher get trained on TKP Courseware?

  • We provide preparation materials for teachers online for maximum scalability
  • Our materials include the following:
    • TKP Java lesson answers (code) for teachers — hosted on Github
    • TKP Java lessons (code) for students – hosted on GitHub
    • Written lesson plans — hosted on Penflip
    • Code training videos (screencasts) — hosted on YouTube
    • TKP materials are linked on this website, starting on the Courseware page
  • Contact TKPLabs for in-person trainer-led teacher training workshops for TKPJava

Do you run events or classes?

  • We do not have the resources to run our own events
  • Many organizations, such as the US Boys and Girls Clubs, IGNITE Seattle, Microsoft DigiGirlz, JavaOne4Kids, OSCON Kids Day (and more) have chosen our courseware to be part of their events.
  • We partner with TKPLabs (based in San Diego, CA).  They run events using TKPJava and other courseware.
  • That team hosts classes and events, such as the one shown below – Raspberry Pi Day of the Century

Do you have TKP-style courses for other coding languages?

  • We are experimenting with several other programming languages (Python, R and more).
  • You are welcome to follow our main repository on GitHub.

Are TKPJava materials available in Spanish, etc…?

  • Our materials are in US English. However, we welcome localization efforts from volunteers.
  • All code lessons are open source and hosted on GitHub or Penflip and can be forked for localization with attribution per our license.

How can I donate to TKP?

  • We are a project of the US non-profit (501c3) MONA Foundation
  • You can donate to our project by making a donation via that site