Small Basic Setup

This section will step you through setting up Small Basic at home and list the recipes you’ll use to learn how to program. Be sure to get the SmallBasic extensions from CodePlex before you start!

Download and Install SmallBasic
Download  from Codeplex
>Unzip, ( several files will be created ).
Create a folder named ‘lib’ in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SmallBasic
Copy SmallBasicFun.dll and SmallBasicFun.xml (and all of the other unzipped files) into a folder named ‘lib’ at C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SmallBasic\lib
Double Check Your Requirements
Install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or better if you don’t already have it.
Begin your 1st Recipe ( import id: Square )
Test your learning with the Quiz (import id: FFC797)
Check out our Recipes page for more fun!
NOTE: If you are feeling L-A-Z-Y and you have a USB (flash) drive handy, you can just download our SmallBasic-TKP-on-a-drive zip file from here.  Then, just unzip the file onto your flash drive, double click the SB.exe file to run SmallBasic from the drive and you are ready to go (no install needed).  This does require that you plug the drive into a Windows PC meeting requirement #3 (above).
Check out this short video on how to do a recipe (for the Giant Tortoise recipe)

Happy Programming!